Risk Questionnaire

Investment Planning Worksheet

What type of investor are you?

The answers provided on this sheet will help indicate which investment strategy may be appropriate for your current needs. Circle the corresponding point value and then calculate the total. Match the total to the strategy listed at the end of the score sheet.

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire - 2018


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* Investable assets include your emergency fund, this account, bank accounts, retirement assets, CDs, mutual funds, cash value of life insurance, stocks or bonds, investment real estate, and so on. They do not include your principal residence or vacation home.

**Please note: Tax-exempt investments are not appropriate for tax-deferred retirement arrangements.

Points Strategy Asset Class Mix

0–9 Income with Limited Growth: 80% Fixed Income, 20% Equity
10–19 Income with Moderate Growth: 60% Fixed Income, 40% Equity
20–49 Growth and Income: 40% Fixed Income, 60% Equity
50–69 Primarily Growth*: 20% Fixed Income, 80% Equity
70+ Growth: 98% Equity, 2% Cash

Given your specific circumstances, if you believe that any of these strategies will be more suitable than the diversified strategy specified by the worksheet, your advisor will discuss the alternatives and make an appropriate recommendation.

If your score points you to the Primarily Growth strategy, consider investing in the Growth strategy if the amount that you are investing for this goal represents the only aggressive portion of your total portfolio and if you already own more conservative investments—such as fixed income and short-term securities—that can provide a balance to the short-term fluctuations of stocks.