Our Process

We Define Goals and Appropriate Level of Risk

We review your current financial condition and work with you to determine both your short- and long-term goals. We then establish an understanding of what level of risk would be necessary to accomplish these goals.

We Develop a Plan to Pursue these Goals

We create a customized plan for you based on your goals, level of risk, and time horizon. This plan incorporates all relevant information, including possible tax, estate, and gifting issues.

We Implement the Plan

Once we formulate a plan built just for you, we put that plan into action. We will complete all necessary paperwork required to implement your financial plan, as well as perform any additional administrative requirements.

We Perform Ongoing Review and Rebalancing

Your portfolio may need to be rebalanced occasionally to ensure that we remain true to your original plan. Additionally, when events and situations arise that change the original goals, we work with you to adapt a plan that meets life's unexpected surprises.